Release Notes May 28, 2021

FMS Release Notes:

  • Enhancements
    • Added logic to the system such that when an activity or a project transfers from one org to another, FMS will now be able to correctly attribute the transaction or imported record, such as JP Morgan or GL, to new org the activity/project belongs to
    • Added new pop-up notifications to the Transaction Entry form to indicate when a transaction is about to re-route due to the changes made on the page
    • Updated the label of the Default Approvers section of FMS to Approval/Procurement Workflow
    • Updated the Select All/Select None feature throughout the system to be consistent and more intuitive
    • Uploaded the PeopleSoft Project budget data, Activity budget data and the Activity starting cash data
    • Enhanced the functionality of the filter/search fields throughout the system and made that functionality more consistent throughout the system
  • Bug Fixes
    • Rolled back fix for allowing Department Maintenance Admins and Power Users to more easily find transactions without chartfields due to a correlating issue which allowed users to see transactions from other orgs
    • Fixed an issue in which the Save button became disabled in the Transaction Entry form
    • Fixed an issue in which the chartfield displayed in the Approvers section of the Transaction Entry form was showing N/A for one or more components
    • Identified and resolved one major way in which transactions were getting stuck in their workflow, such as the transaction re-routing and getting stuck in the first approval step
    • Fixed org roll-up logic throughout the system such that parent orgs and users with roles in those parent orgs are now correctly seeing details and transactions from child orgs

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