UFIS Data Release Policy

University Faculty Information & Support’s Data Release Policy

University Faculty Information & Support (UFIS) will not release faculty CVs to internal or external individuals unless you have given permission. You know if your CV is up-to-date for a given purpose, so when requests come to our office we refer them to you unless you have let us know that it is appropriate to release the information. UFIS and the University of Utah Health use the information in aggregate, not at the individual level (e.g., to look at how many total publications we have, which sponsors give us grants, which types of editorial and service activities our faculty are involved in, etc.).

We use the system as a key resource for understanding our mission activities and for Academic Affairs needs, so it is important that your information is accurate and complete. If you have any questions or concerns or would like additional staff in your area to be trained on the system, please submit a request through the UFIS Help Center.


Please reference the UFIS Help Center to find answers to frequently asked questions or to submit a request for help.