Release notes

Release Notes September 17, 2020

FMS Enhancements General system performance enhancements Bug fixes The system will now apply the vendor filter to both the FMS records and the JP Morgan records in the Reallocation screen The Audit History in the Transaction Entry Form will once again show The system will no longer try to validate chartfields in records that are […]

Release Notes September 11, 2020

BRR New Features Added a new tab for Foreign Influence to the Disclosure process A banner has been added to the top of the home page announcing new Foreign Interest changes Added a standard management plan contact statement Updated Training information to add Foreign Influence details Bug Fixes Corrected and updated details, mostly related to […]

Release Notes August 24, 2020

FMS Funds control is now available. For the User Guide, please click here. Worklist buttons no longer are disabled after validation fails. Reconciling is now showing in the audit trail. Fixed issue with Save and Approve/Purchase buttons now showing. The system now requires all unique approvals to occur. “Select to Remove” label has been added […]

Release Notes August 4, 2020

FMS P-Cards can be marked as default for an Org Edit Page View Grid View You can only have one default P-Card for an Org If user is configured for only one P-Card, that card auto-populates for P-Card transactions Show all active P-Cards in the Orgs that the user is assigned to Changes to inactive/active […]

Release Notes July 14, 2020

FMS Added FMS ID and Shipping Type columns to pending procurement grid and removed doc ref num column Added error indicator to collapsible headings in transaction entry page if section contains error Removed cloning linked GL records when cloning records No longer require shipping/other/tax chartfields if shipping/other/tax amounts = $0 Expand/collapse all sections icons in […]

Release Notes June 30, 2020

FMS P-Card Reallocation Cloning transactions

Release Notes June 23, 2020

FMS Enhancements Added Clone button to Transaction screen (Cloning not yet fully functioning) Approvers added to one page transaction report Bug Fixes User should be able to change type in closed requests if they have update rights Save and add another button should redirect back to create page Filtering on tags in transaction details page […]

Release Notes June 3, 2020

FMS Re-worked the filters on the transaction detail page, including global search

Release Notes June 2, 2020

FMS Calculator tool Disabling type field for requests in reconciling status or with reconciled rows Line marked as reconciled where there are still partially reconciled rows on the line Recycling requests wipes approvers Error when deleting the only user role row in the admin entry/edit page Changing default screen after approval and purchases Removing refresh […]

Release Notes May 19, 2020

FMS New Reconciliation Report Fixed bug where NIL vendors were disappearing on requests submitted for approval Made transaction type read-only for requests in Reconciling status or in Pending status if there are one ore more reconciled rows