Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR)

FAR & Profile Training

Please contact our team at Academic-IT-Help@utah.edu to schedule training.

This training will guide you through the system and the new minimum profile requirements for all Tenure and Career-Line Faculty. This training is for faculty members and those who support faculty members’ Faculty Activity Reports and Profiles.

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What is a FAR?

The term FAR has been used across the university to reference a suite of 5 major web tools all aimed at collecting and reporting faculty activity data. Most commonly, faculty refers to FAR as the annual activity reporting process while others think of it as their web profile. This confusion largely occurs due to the different use of these tools as required by the dean of each college (see usage by the college).

FAR is made up of these five tools:

A major outcome of having a university-wide system like FAR is to have a master database where colleges and departments can aggregate activity data for use in:

  • Annual performance evaluations and merit increases.
  • Gathering data for college accreditation.
  • A minimum faculty profile across all colleges and departments.
  • A mechanism for pushing faculty profile data to college and department websites.
  • A collaboration tool for finding other faculty┬ámembers.

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