FMS Release Notes June 15, 2021

FMS Release Notes:

  • Enhancements
    • Reworked the Activity and Project management pages to disallow manual entry of budgeting periods and amounts
    • Adjusted calculations and amounts within FMS to utilize the Activity and Project Budget balances and Cash starting amounts which were obtained from various PeopleSoft sources and uploaded into the FMS databases
    • Updated the edit, delete and restore icons on the Transaction Requests page to make them more visible
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue in which commas entered as part of the amount in the Total Amount filter field of the Transaction Requests grid was causing errors
    • Fixed an issue in which transactions edited while in the closed state, especially where new lines are added, were not re-routing through the approval process
    • Fixed an issue in which the chartfield of the Shipping, Taxes and Other Amounts section of the Transaction Entry form was throwing errors when edited
    • Fixed an issue in which ad-hoc approvals were overwriting other approvals and causing the transaction to automatically move to reallocation/reconciliation

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