Release Notes October 27, 2020


  • New Features
    • Added a calculator tool to the Reconciliation section so that users can see the total of the records they’ve selected
  • Enhancements
    • The date displayed on P-Card records in the reallocation section is now the post date instead of the transaction date
    • If a user matches records in the reallocation or reconciliation sections in which the records have been expanded to view more details, the records will now automatically collapse when they move
    • Users can now highlight values in the reallocation and reconciliation tables without causing the record to expand or collapse by dragging their cursor over the value
    • Provided a prompt to users suggesting that they may need to refresh their browser window when changing a record that appears in the reallocation or reconciliation section
    • Updated which columns are displayed in both the FMS and GL records of the Reconciliation section to try and match the information shown on each a little closer
    • Updated the columns shown in the Reconciliation Report
    • Updated the access of the Purchaser and Reconciler roles to allow editing transactions in the Closed state
    • Users can now hover over values in the collapsed view of FMS and GL records in Reconciliation, as well as FMS records in Reallocation, and see a tool-tip pop-up showing the full value where applicable
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed duplicated reconciled amounts showing in the Funding Details page, the Reconciliation Report, and in the Activity/Project/Tag Management pages
    • Fixed an issue in which a user would change their filters in the Reallocation and Reconciliation sections and wipe out their matched records