U-CV System Reminder

Just a reminder to review your CV in the University-wide CV System (U-CV) and consider which recent activities may need to be added. Listed below are a few of the major categories along with entry tips.

  • Publications

To import publications from PubMed, select "PubMed Download" from the "Publications" center navigation menu or use the CV Category Search field. Use the "Title keywords" field to narrow the search results or uncheck the "Restrict to publications affiliated with the University of Utah" checkbox to expand results.  After clicking "Search", select "This is Mine" next to an article to add it to your CV or select "This is Not Mine" to permanently remove an article from showing in future search results. Select "Search Again" to do a new search. To add a publication manually, select the "Publications" category under the "Publications" menu and select "Add a New Entry".

  • Funding

From the home page, select the “Funding” category under the “Research” menu. Keep in mind that Office of Sponsored Projects proposals and awards through July 2020 have been loaded into the system. You can use the “Filter” field to search for a specific award. We consider the OSP data to be a “starting point” – faculty should always review the entry and edit as you choose. We encourage you to specify both internal and external collaborators. To move a grant or contract from pending to active, select “Use Date Fields to Determine Status” from the “Funding Status (Override)” field dropdown.

  • Service

From the home page, select “Service” from under the “Service” menu to edit any of the service categories (i.e. Professional Organization & Scientific Activities, Professional Community Activities, University Community Activities, Service at Affiliated Institutions, Service at Previous Institutions). Remember that external service is for service to the community (e.g., volunteer patient care activities, professional society committees, or serving on the board of directors of a local foundation). Internal service is service within the University of Utah (e.g., serving on a college committee or a departmental administrative responsibility). To enter something new, click “Add a New Entry”, and follow the prompts. When “Internally at the University of Utah” is selected as the Service Category, make sure to select the correct level where the service was performed. Ask yourself, “What best reflects the group level that is affected by or involved in this service?” Be as specific as possible. For example, “Pediatric Medicine Interest Group” would be department level while “School of Medicine Executive Committee” would be college level. When selecting the Entity for internal service, ask yourself, “What group is responsible for organizing this service? What is the larger group that this committee falls under?” For department committees, the Entity would be the department name and the committee information would go in the description. Some larger/long-standing committees may be used as the entity, but generally, the committee name should be entered in the description. For example, for “School of Medicine Student Advisory Committee”, you would select School of Medicine for the entity, and for “UUMG Patient Safety Committee” you would select University of Utah Medical Group as the entity. 

  • Teaching Responsibilities

Think about your involvement in various teaching activities: formal courses, didactic lectures, graduate student committees, trainee supervision. Data for courses taught on the main campus where you are the instructor of record have been imported to U-CV through Fall 2020.  All educational categories are listed under “Teaching” in the center navigation menu. Remember the “free text” options for those activities you may want to include, such as “Clinical Teaching” and “Laboratory Teaching.”

  • Presentations

From the home pageselect ”Presentations” under the “Presentations” menu. Click on “Add a New Entry” and select an option from the “Presentation Type” dropdown. Please note, the only presentation types that show on the SOM CV format are Peer-Reviewed Presentations, Meeting Presentation, Keynote/Plenary Lecture, Invited/Visiting Professor Presentation, Poster, and Outreach Presentation. Add the entire entry in the “Description” field and then indicate the activity scope (e.g. scope of the audience). See “Suggested content/format…” help text under the “Description” field for help with what information to include. The following fields can be ignored: Title, Pen Name, and Co-Authors.

  • “Last Updated Date”

Remember to update the “Last Updated” date under “Reports” and “My CV”. University Faculty Information & Support (UFIS) Release Policy UFIS will not release faculty CVs to internal or external individuals unless you have given permission. UFIS and the University of Utah Health use CV information in aggregate, not at the individual level (e.g. to look at how many total publications we have, which sponsors give us grants, which types of editorial and service activities our faculty are involved in). We use the system as a key resource for understanding the School of Medicine mission activities and for Faculty Administration needs, so it is important that your information is accurate and complete. If you have any questions or concerns or would like additional staff in your area to be trained on the system, please email our UFIS Help Center.

  • Instructions to Access the System

You can access the U-CV system at and log in using your University Network ID (uNID) and password. If you would like to grant access to your CV to another individual, such as an assistant, please submit a security request here.

  • Questions

If you have any questions about the system please visit our CV Knowledge base. If you would like to submit a request or have suggestions please submit a ticket at our UFIS Help Center - Request.