Release Notes November 18, 2020


  • New Features
    • Added a confirmation message pop-up providing the user with the new FMS ID when creating a new FMS transaction
    • Added an override mechanism in the Transaction Entry form to allow a user to re-use an existing Doc Ref # in their current transaction
  • Enhancements
    • Made minor enhancements to the Funding Details page to make it look nicer
    • Updated the details shown in the Notes column of the Audit History section of the Transaction Entry form to be more user friendly
    • Restricted the ability to delete attachments in a Closed transaction to Department Power Users only
    • Provided a “Select All” option in the pop-up list of transactions which appears when attempting to reconcile FMS records to GL records in Reconciliation and the amounts do not match; also applies to mismatched amounts between FMS and JP Morgan records in the Reallocation module
    • Expanded the width of the Vendor drop-down list window in the Transaction Entry form to allow the user to see more of the Vendor names
    • Updated the permissions for Dept Maintenance Admin, Dept Power User, Reconciler, and Purchaser to allow editing most fields in Closed transactions
    • Hovering over an activity, a project, or a tag in a transaction at any stage will now correctly display the desired funding details for that item, even in a closed transaction
    • Improved the “type-ahead” feature of some fields such as activity and project search fields such that the results more closely matching the entered value will be more prominently displayed
    • Adjusted tag editing to allow users to add and remove tags in closed transactions and to allow adding and removing tags in transactions without causing the transaction to re-route for approval
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed additional scenarios in which approvers were not populating in the Transaction Entry form
    • Fixed a bug in which using an apostrophe in the Vendor search/filter field in the Transaction Requests screen would cause an error
    • Fixed an issue in which all checkboxes on the screen were being checked when doing the “select all” option in the Reconciliation screen instead of only selecting the checkboxes to create FMS records from the GL records
    • Fixed an issue in which users were able to save tags that didn’t apply to the org being used in the transaction

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