Release Notes March 2, 2021

FMS Release Notes

  • Enhancements
    • Added “Return to Grid” buttons in the Tags, Activities/Projects, P-Card, Default Approval Levels and Role Assignments admin pages
    • Updated the layout of the buttons at the bottom of the Reallocation and Reconciliation screens such that the buttons are more spaced out
    • Updated the logic in the Reallocation module to use the Post Date of the JP Morgan records where applicable instead of the P-Card Date
    • Updated the Status filter in the Transaction Requests page to allow selecting a status from a drop-down menu instead of having to type the status into a field
    • Updated the Business Purpose field when creating a new FMS record from a GL record in Reconciliation to display the Line Reference Number instead of the GL ID
    • Updated the Status filter option in the Transaction Requests table such that users can now select statuses from a drop-down menu instead of typing in the desired status
      • Users can select one or more status at a time in this way
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issues that were causing the screen to hang up on the “Processing” indicator
    • Fixed an issue in the Reallocation journal upload report where the JP Morgan records were displaying the wrong signs
    • Fixed an issue in which transactions became stuck in Reallocation when un-reallocated lines were deleted
    • Fixed an issue where requests were skipping a status and moving on to the next one in the workflow
    • Fixed an issue in which certain projects were auto-populating the wrong Fund code
    • Fixed an issue with activity 15048 where the activity was not selectable even though it should have been selectable
    • Fixed an issue where a user could select a new chartfield using the Quick Selection for a line item that had already been reconciled
    • Fixed an issue in which users were being prompted to confirm that they wanted to navigate away from a page and lose unsaved data when there were no changes to save

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