Release Notes March 24, 2021

Appointment Manager

  • Enhancements
    • New Promotion History, Years in Rank, Next Reviews, and Appointment Detail reports
    • Added Scheduled Reviews generation
  • Bugs
    • Fixed grammatical error in search description
    • Fixed End Date calculation on a track switch so that it is one day after the end date
    • Update to date formats to allow for different formats and then converting to MM/DD/YYYY
    • Made it so departments won’t show as duplicates. If they are inactive they will have **INACTIVE** next to the department
    • Create faculty search updates. The UID can now begin with u, U, or 0. Also hitting enter performs the search.
    • Inactive faculty now keeps the last primary appointment
    • Fixed issue with some faculty incorrectly showing an active status with no active appointments or affiliations


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