Release Notes March 10, 2020

  • UCV
    • Education History – “Display on U of U Profile Sites” is now checked by default
    • Fixes to Reviewer Experience section when there is no start date
    • Exceptionally long names are no longer cut off in the Faculty Name field
  • Web Services
    • Provided ability to filter out Mid-Level Physicians
  • FMS
    • Relabel “Withdraw” button on the transaction request form to say “Recycle”
    • Show BU/org/fund fields on the transaction entry page at all times (temporary)
    • Allow users to enter tags again
    • No more stalling of reconciliation when reconciling on the matched tab with multiple pages
    • Showing proper page indices on the matched tab of the reconciliation module
    • Searching with activity field in reconciliation module no longer breaks filtering
    • No longer showing rows from deleted records in the reconciliation module
    • Users are now able to delete a line (that isn’t the last line) from a request with at least one reconciled row
    • Sorting by request date on transaction detail grid fixed
    • Anyone with update rights are able to see all fund options in the fund dropdown in the transaction request form. Selecting an act/proj should also always back-fill the fund field for users with update rights