Release Notes January 5, 2020


  • Updated the columns in the Reallocation module so that the columns in the Unmatched tab and the columns in the Matched tab are now the same
  • Grouped the Activities and the Projects into separate groups with headers in all the Activity/Project drop-down fields
  • Added the ability to recycle transactions in the Reallocation and Reconciliation steps
  • P-Card Reallocators are now able to recycle transactions in Reallocation
  • Reconcilers are now able to recycle transactions in Reconciliation
  • Department Admins and Power Users are able to recycle transactions in both Reallocation and Reconciliation steps
  • Updated nearly all drop-down fields with type-ahead capability so that users can enter partial values and get a corresponding drop-down list
  • Updated Power User access to allow editing transactions in Preparing status
  • Updated the default configuration for Activities, Projects and Tags such that Activities and Tags will default to “Cash” managed items and Projects will default to “Budget” managed items


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in which the Audit History of transactions would not load
  • Checking FMS rows and/or GL rows in the Reconciliation module to see totals, and then matching and confirming the matches without unchecking the rows will no longer cause the totals to be incorrect
  • Updated the system to correctly use the Activity/Project Description Override value throughout the system where applicable

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