Release Notes February 9, 2021

  • New Features
    • Reconfigured the funding stages of transaction workflows such that:
      • Amounts in the initial “Preparing” step are not factored into any funding calculations
        • These amounts are only factored into “this transaction” amounts in the Funding section of the Transaction Entry form
      • Amounts in the “Pending Approval” and “Pending Procurement” are now considered “Pending” amounts
      • Amounts in the “Reallocation” or “Reconciliation” steps are now considered “Encumbered” amounts
      • Amounts which have been reconciled and moved to the “Closed” state are now considered “Posted” amounts
    • Added a new Reports page which will house all FMS reports
  • Enhancements
    • Reformatted the Funding Details page to more closely resemble the Management Report format and terminology
      • This includes condensing and reformatting the filter options
      • This also includes changes to the columns and details shown in the expanded views within the Funding Details page
      • This also includes fixing the calculations for various details shown in the expanded views
    • We are now displaying the full Description for Activities and Projects throughout the system instead of the short Description
    • Updated the Reallocation journal upload report to more accurately itemize the FMS and JP Morgan records reallocated in the batch
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with memory by reducing the Tags auto-imported into the Transaction Entry form
    • Fixed an issue in which transactions were being created when the user didn’t explicitly save the transaction
    • Fixed an issue in which the checkboxes on the Tags management pages were not saving

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