Release Notes April 20, 2021

FMS Release Notes:

  • New Features
    • New org configuration tool
      • Added the ability for orgs to establish what sort of chartfield changes in a transaction should cause the transaction to re-route
    • Enhancements
      • Added the ability to expand and collapse all records in all tables where there is an option to expand the record for further details
      • Updated the labels on the Home Page buttons from “Reconciliation Tool” and “P-Card Reallocation Tool” to “Reconciliation” and “P-Card Reallocation” for consistency
      • Updated the page headings of “Awaiting Approval” and “Awaiting Procurement” to “Pending Approval” and “Pending Procurement” for consistency
      • Added validation such that if a user changes a transaction from PCard to a different transaction type while the transaction is in Reallocation, the transaction will automatically move past Reallocation and into Reconciliation
      • Updated the formatting of dollar amounts through the system such that commas are appearing where applicable to denote thousands and millions of dollars
      • Updated the Admin and Power User roles to allow them to restore previously deleted transactions
      • Updated the final column of the records in the P-Card Reallocation journal upload report to better map to the journal system fields
      • Updated the reconciliation process such that when a user attempts to complete the reconciliation, it will apply to partial reconciliations as well as standard reconciliations all at the same time
      • Added an additional filter field to the Reallocation module to allow searching for the new POS/Tracking value in the JP Morgan records
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue where the “Reporting” header on the FMS Home Page was showing even when the user doesn’t have access to any reports
      • Fixed an issue in which transactions were not available in the Transaction Requests table immediately after the transactions were created
      • Fixed an issue in which transactions which were ready for reconciling were not showing up in the Reconciliation module
      • Fixed an issue in which transactions that were not yet reconciled and were only matched in the reconciliation module were pulling in to the Reconciliation Report
      • Fixed a bug where tag fields in the transaction request form were not loading possible options

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