E-Survey – Do you need to gather data?

We want to remind you of an MBM-developed web application that is available to faculty, staff, and students at no cost. “E-Survey” enables you to create web-based questionnaires that can include open-ended questions, matrix-style questions, and multiple-choice questions that contain text and graphics. The tool allows you to create reusable distribution lists of people who […]

Update Your Find a Doctor Profile

One of the most important tools that patients and referring providers use to find and learn more about University of Utah Health physicians and allied health professionals is our Find A Doctor (FAD) website application located at FAD receives about 200,000 views a month and is one of our website’s most utilized resources. The search […]

FAR Features missing & Testing information

FAR Features missing on UCV   As we are continually working to bring all the Features from FAR to UCV, please see below the current list of items that are not yet at UCV. Import My data: options from MBM, PubMed, and Scopus Business Relationship Reporting Section Titles Section: FTE% box Publications Section: URL box […]

UCV Main features

UCV started before the One U initiative, however its goal is the same: A single system that brings together all faculty data.  Some benefits of this new system include moving to current web technologies, providing a means to generate CVs, standardizing activity data across colleges and enabling more accurate aggregate reporting for department and college […]

FAR/Faculty Profile Schedule Maintenance

Due to planned maintenance, This Applications will be unavailable:  Campus Directory UGIVE FAR/Faculty Profile This infrastructure maintenance is necessary to keep the University of Utah systems current and running efficiently. Note: This notice will be posted in CIS leading up to the change, and splash pages for unavailable systems will be posted during the outage. These […]

U-CV System Reminder

Just a reminder to review your CV in the University-wide CV System (U-CV) and consider which recent activities may need to be added. Listed below are a few of the major categories along with entry tips. Publications To import publications from PubMed, select “PubMed Download” from the “Publications” center navigation menu or use the CV […]

U-CV – What’s New or Changed?

University of Utah CV System – UCV The University CV (UCV) replaces the MBM CV tool and FAR (Faculty Activity Report) databases. This list is not meant to be a comprehensive view of every change (there have been so many!), but a highlight to help users get familiar with the system quickly. Please contact University […]