Profile Requirements

NEW Minimum Profile Requirements

The Council of Deans are pleased to announce that in 2016 every Tenure & Career-Line Faculty will need to complete the appropriate requirements for Profiles. We encourage you to get a head start and stay ahead.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Photo: Amy Wildermuth, Associate Vice President for Faculty (Campus) is happy to provide the photography service for faculty members to get an updated and professional picture taken. Please contact _______ to schedule a time.
  • Appointments: Your appointment(s) should automatically be pulled in, but we do ask that you please review to ensure accuracy.
  • Education
  • CV (Public)
  • Biography
  • Selected publications &/or creative works
  • Research Summary (if applicable)

The Profiles are a University-wide resource that highlights faculty members by college and department. It creates a unified directory that is a representation of the faculty, but is not intended to replace research or other sites.

There are many benefits to completing your profile and adding to it. To name a few would be it’s an efficient way to showcase your work, gives a great first impression to visitors, expands your visibility and online presence, shows who you are and what work is important to you, and gives you flexibility.

Now that you’re excited to get your profile in order you’re wondering, who else has a profile? By default appointed faculty, instructors (anyone listed from class schedule) with the exception of unpaid volunteers and instructors. Ad Hoc Profiles are available to those who are Emeritus Faculty, Paid Graduate Students, and Key Staff Members.

Need to know how to update your information? Click Here for online training on the Faculty Profile. If you should need further assistance please contact Marcie Larson at