Release Notes November 27, 2019

  • FMS
    • Fixed bug where 414 error occurred when refresh approvers button was clicked on a transaction with lots of chart fields
    • Item URLs can now be up to 2000 characters
    • Fixed bug where users had to refresh approvers after withdrawing a request and before submitting it for approval again or else an error was thrown
    • Client-side validation for amount and request date column search
    • Optimized amount column search query
    • Added status and action_taken columns to the audit history table
    • Making sure to track all creations, modification, deletions in the audit history table
    • Fixed bug where select purchaser dropdown was showing more than one option for the same chart field
    • Fixed bug where the preferred purchaser dropdown wasn’t showing when it should and only appearing after validation on the dropdown failed
    • Fixed bug where users weren’t able to upload attachments if the filename exceeded 100 characters