Release Notes August 4, 2020


  • P-Cards can be marked as default for an Org
    • Edit Page View
    • Grid View
    • You can only have one default P-Card for an Org
    • If user is configured for only one P-Card, that card auto-populates for P-Card transactions
  • Show all active P-Cards in the Orgs that the user is assigned to
  • Changes to inactive/active status for tags
    • On the grid page, the icon for deactivate was a red “X” and looked like “delete” icon used in other areas of the site. Now it looks like this:
    • Previously, in the edit screen, there was a checkbox with a label of “Active” that was grayed out and could not be edited. Now it is editable within the “Edit” screen
  • Purchasers can now recycle transactions
  • Indicator added to recycled transactions
  • The Reconciliation Report is now accessible from the menu bar
  • When checking the “All Received” checkbox the “Items Received” text boxes now populate with the current date
  • Chartfield details are now displayed with a hover over in editable fields
  • Users can copy values to clipboard, even if field is not editable
  • All labels for Document Reference Number have been standardized to “Doc Ref #”
  • All references to the transaction request list page have been standardized to “Transaction Requests”
  • When uploading or removing attachments a “SUCCESS” indicator is shown
  • P-Card Administration – Updated logic so “Department Maintenance Admins” can only add or edit P-Cards for their own Orgs
  • Updated logic for Tags
    • A parent tag cannot be made into a child tag for any other tags
    • A child tag cannot be made into a parent for any other tags
  • Fixed duplication with tags
    • A constraint was added to ignore letter case when checking uniqueness of tag
    • Removed duplicate tags if the name already existed
  • When cloning transactions global chartfields are now saving
  • When clicking on a transaction in a Worklist it will no longer open the transaction in a new tab