FMS Release Notes June 20, 2023

New Release – June 20, 2023

  • Enhancements/Bugs/Fixes:
    • Began work on the Designation of Attachment Types
    • Replaced the “Keep Alive” timing functionality
    • Fixed the functionality of the Attachment Box on the Transaction Detail Page
    • Fixed the icons on the Automated PCard Audit Report Page
    • Fixed a bug on the Reallocation Matched Tab

Coming up next…

  • Feature Enhancements:
    • Designation of Attachment Types (in development)
    • Streamline Reallocation Process (pending development)
    • Single Page Spa Architecture (in development)
    • Incorrect Org Fix (requirements gathering)
    • Streamline Reconciliation Process
    • System Automation
  • Reports:
    • Updating the layout for the Reconciliation Trend Report Dashboard
    • Outstanding Transaction Approvals (in development)
    • Automating Budget Data uploads
    • Create BI Universe for alternative report generation
    • Enabling exporting data from filtered FMS pages
      • Transaction Requests Page (in development)

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