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UCV Front Page

View the SOM CV to U-CV Map.

  • This map shows where each category on the SOM CV format can be found in the U-CV system.

System Options

  • Find CV activity categories by using the center navigation drop-down menu or by using the CV Activity Search box
    • For example, searching for the term “teaching” will display activity categories that either have “teaching” in the title
      or in example text, which includes other names (or aliases) for that term.
  • UCV uses a “soft delete” process that allows users to “un-delete” previously removed entries.
  • Export a CV document by clicking on the “Reports” menu and “My CV”.
  • Hover over the “Save” button and choose “Save”, “Save and Add Another”, or “Save and Clone”.

Timeout Notifications

  • After 60 minutes of being on the same page, a popup appears, warning users that they have been idle and they should attempt to extend their login session.
    • Click “Extend” to continue working.
    • If too much time has elapsed since the notification, the system will prompt the user to save their work and re-login, which brings the user back to the same page they were on.

Appointment Detail Report

  • Select “Reports” and “My Appointment Detail” to view appointments and review history.
  • This report replaces the “Appointments & Affiliations” application previously found in MBM.

Frequently Asked Questions


Adding or updating a profile photo

Please submit a request through the UFIS Help Center to add or update an existing photo. 


Updating your Find A Doc profile


Need help?

If you have any questions, concerns, or other feedback, please submit a request through the UFIS Help Center.