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What’s New?

System Options

  • UCV does not require users to install Flash.
  • Find CV activity categories by using the center navigation drop-down menu, or by using the CV Activity Search box.
    • (e.g. Searching for the term “teaching” will display activity categories that either have “teaching” in the title or in example text, which includes other names (or aliases) for that term.
  • UCV uses a “soft delete” process that allows users to “un-delete” previously removed entries.
  • Export a CV document by clicking on the “Reports” menu and select the desired CV format and document type.
  • Save & Clone entries by hovering over the “Save” button and choose to “Save”,  “Save and Add Another” or “Save and Clone”.

Timeout notifications

  • After 60 minutes of being on the same page, a popup appears warning users that they have been idle and they should attempt to extend their login session.
    • Click “Extend” to continue working.
    • If too much time has elapsed since the notification, the system will prompt the user to save their work and re-login which brings the user back to the same page they were on.

CV Category Updates

  • Service
    • Updated to guide users to know how to categorize their entries.
    • University Hospitals & Clinics and Health Sciences service levels were combined to be University of Utah Health.
  • Ad Hoc/Site Visit category is now called Site Visits.
  • Department/Division Conferences is now called Internal Teaching Experience.
  • Several new categories were created (e.g. Quality and Value Improvement Projects, Training, In the Media).
  • Use the Presentation category for Poster Presentations, Industrial Presentations, and Outreach Presentations instead of Publications and Service.
  • NIH Biosketch report added based on user feedback. NOTE: You will need to export to MS Word to make the final edit.
  • Patents are entered under Intellectual Property instead of under Publications.
  • Other Educational Activities is now Additional Teaching Contributions.
  • Other Scholarly Activities is now Additional Research/Scholarship Contributions.
  • A single Biographical Statement for displaying biographies on faculty profiles, NIH Biosketches, Find a Doctor and department websites.
  • Categories are displayed in reverse chronological order.

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Release: May 15, 2020

  • Flags (Show in CV, Biosketch, Show on profiles) added to grid pages
  • Fixed issues with institutional records in Courses Taught
  • For more release note information click here.

Coming soon

  • Additional SOM and Master Display CV format changes
  • NIH Biosketch: Update to the most current version.

Uploading Photos

For SOM faculty, to add a photo to the system or change an existing one, please email an electronic version in a high-resolution .jpg format to hscwebmaster@hsc.utah.edu.

Need Help?

If you have any questions, concerns or other feedback, please contact the UFIS team directly at Academic-IT-Help@utah.edu