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E-Survey is a MBM-developed web application that is available to faculty, staff and students at no cost. E-Survey enables you to create web-based questionnaires that can include open-ended questions, matrix style questions, and multiple-choice questions that contain text and graphics. The tool allows you to create reusable distribution lists of people who can respond to the questionnaire. You can establish a “campaign” (anonymous if you choose) to invite recipients to respond to a questionnaire during a specified time frame, then the system will help tally the responses for you automatically. Campaigns can be directed to a specific list of participants or you can also do an “open” campaign accessed via a URL.

The tool also allows you to upload files as attachments and to share access to questionnaires, distribution lists, and campaigns with other system users as needed. The system is designed such that everything can be electronic: you notify the participants via e-mail, and then they click on a secure link embedded in the message to access and complete the questionnaire.

E-Survey has been live since 2004, during which time many faculty members, staff and students have found it useful for various University purposes, including secure data gathering, voting needs, research, and even student course evaluations. Training on E-Survey is available online in the MBM system. If you are interested in learning more about E-Survey or accessing the online training, feel free to contact our team at You may also reference the Faculty Information Support Questions & Answers page at