Where do I enter a presentation for a webinar?

Questions & AnswersCategory: U-CV SystemWhere do I enter a presentation for a webinar?
u6001240 asked 5 years ago

1) “Improving Access to Quality Medical Care” and “Telediabetes and ADVICE: The Arizona Diabetes Virtual Center for Excellence.” Webinar Series Presented by The Arizona Telemedicine Program, The Southwest Telehealth Resource Center and The University of Arizona Center for Rural Health.
2) Speaker, Multicultural Media Outreach media training webinar, Office of Partnerships and Dissemination Initiative, National Cancer Institute, NIH.
3) National Distance Learning Week webinar “Higher Education”, November 9, 2009.

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u6001240 answered 5 years ago

Enter under Presentations.  My thoughts- Since the audience is not specifically students I wouldn’t enter it under teaching.  And since it is not clear if it was only live or still available on the web I would not do publications either.