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What is the process for an Early Entry CV Request?

Private: Questions & AnswersCategory: U-CV SystemWhat is the process for an Early Entry CV Request?
Aimee Gerfen Staff asked 7 years ago
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As a service to new hire faculty, the MBM office completes the historical CV entry for faculty with a full-time appointment. To request an early entry, you must have access to Faculty Maintenance in MBM (see step 1 below). Each department has a faculty coordinator who has been set up with these permissions. If you need access, please submit your request by clicking here. Follow the steps below to submit a CV to be entered. Please allow at least 3 weeks for CV entry. This gives MBM time to enter the CV and communicate with the faculty about any clarifying questions.

How To Submit an Early Entry CV Request

Step 1: After logging in to MBM, select Faculty Maintenance
If you do not see the Faculty Maintenance button, you do not have the correct security permissions.

Step 2: Select Create Faculty in the upper left-hand corner

Step 3: Enter Faculty Member Information
Note: Only include terminal degrees, professional licenses, and/or professional society affiliations (e.g. FACS) from the list that a faculty member wants to be listed post-nominally as part of their title. Common practice is to name only the highest degree in a particular discipline (if they have earned their BS, MS, and PhD in Biology–even from different schools–and an MBA, then the preferred listing would be John Doe, MBA, PhD). Only select the degree “MD, PhD” if they were part of a combined MD/PhD program.

Step 4: Select Upload to Server, upload faculty CV in Word format only, and enter the number of pages
Note: Make sure you email the CV before submitting the request form.