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How do I change my name in MBM?

Private: Questions & AnswersCategory: U-CV SystemHow do I change my name in MBM?
u6001240 asked 7 years ago

First/Last Name

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u6001240 answered 7 years ago

Currently name changes in MBMIS are Manually updated  – there is not currently a live feed with Peoplesoft
– name change updates are usually made by Academic Affairs and Faculty Development who receives official name change paperwork, & EPAF Details,
Contact Tracy Allen in Academic Affairs to update this information at
– We do require that the faculty member’s name in MBMIS matches their LEGAL Name.  This way all of MBM’s reports will match, payroll, HR, Peoplesoft, Academic Affairs documents……..
– Also, MBM monitors changes Faculty Members make to their name within General Info (currently faculty members can update their own name in General Info….  which will generate discussion around legal name change documents)