How are the different Service categories defined?

Questions & AnswersCategory: U-CV SystemHow are the different Service categories defined?
Aimee Gerfen Staff asked 5 years ago
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Aimee Gerfen Staff answered 5 years ago

SOM CV Location

Affiliated Institutions
Service to entities with which the University has a formal affiliation agreement (e.g., for resident training)
Member, Primary Children’s Hospital, Infection Control Committee
Governance and Ownership
Service at Affiliated Institutions

Community Service: Non-Patient Care
Service to entities within the community, including leadership positions and committee work
Member, Governor’s Task Force on the Uninsured
Professional Community Activities

Serving as a consultant; often a paid position; non-academic, but brings recognition to the faculty member and University
Consultant on DNA Sequencing for Abbott Laboratories
Not on SOM CV Format; does display on Master Display CV

Industrial Presentations
Presentation to an industry sponsored group; non-academic
Demonstration of a new artificial hip to professionals; sponsored by _____, Inc.
Industrial Presentations (at the end of Presentations)

Outreach Presentations
Presentation to professionals, usually for training purposes, outreach to community
Training high school teachers in genetics, training local EMTs
Outreach Presentations (at the end of Presentations)

Professional Organization Leadership
Holding a leadership role within a professional organization (often the same ones faculty are members of); Memberships shown under Professional Organization Memberships
Secretary, American Academy of Pediatrics
Professional Societies
Professional Organization & Scientific Activities