Can we delete a grant from a CV?

Questions & AnswersCategory: U-CV SystemCan we delete a grant from a CV?
u6001240 asked 5 years ago

A doctor has a couple of grants on his CV that are not his. He doesn’t know anything about them and has never heard of them. We asked about this a year or two ago and were told that someone, sometime had associated the grant(s) with his name and they couldn’t be deleted. Isn’t there some way to delete a grant that the doctor knows nothing about?

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u6001240 answered 5 years ago

Currently there is not a way to delete a grant if it came from OSP. Until we can get them removed, you can uncheck the box in the “CV” column so that they do not show on the CV. Please email me with the faculty member’s name and information on the grants that are not his.