1)      Why do we have an Electronic CV System?

It is a tool for faculty to track their professional activities; a resource for institutional and departmental analyses and strategic planning; and a location for institutional and departmental applications, such as Find A Doctor.

2)      How is the CV data used?

The system is a key resource for understanding our mission and for Academic Affairs. MBM and the Health Sciences Center use the information in aggregate, not at the individual level (e.g., compiling total publications, identifying grant sponsors, or noting the service activities of faculty members). This is why it is important to keep your CV accurate and up-to-date.

3)      Who will have access to my CV?

You can access your own CV, and Department Chairs/Division Chiefs and administrators can access CVs for faculty in their areas; otherwise, access is set up by request only (e.g., if you would like your assistant to be able to update your CV).

4)      Where does the CV data come from?

Historical entry for the initial CV feeds to various institutional data sources, such as the Office of Sponsored Projects, etc. Departments and faculty are also asked to keep CVs current within the web-based system.

5)    How are historical accomplishments added to the CV?

MBM completes the historical CV entry for all new hire faculty members.

6)      Who is eligible to use the CV system?

Any faculty member who is on one of the five full-time tracks (Clinical, Lecturer, Research, Tenure or Visitor) is eligible. The system is also available for use by Allied Health Professionals, but departments are responsible for all historical entry.

7)      Does MBM have other applications besides the electronic CV system?

  • Find A Doctor
    This is a publicly accessible UUHSC health care provider search engine that allows users to specify criteria and displays contact information and patient ratings.
  • E-Survey
    This survey system enables you to create web-based questionnaires with open-ended questions, matrix style questions, and multiple choice questions that contain text and graphics.
  • Faculty Activity Survey
    This annual survey for all Health Sciences faculty estimates how you expect to allocate your efforts across research, education, clinical service, and academic/community service during the upcoming fiscal year. The information helps Health Sciences leadership understand the distribution of faculty commitments and thereby understand the costs of our missions.

8)      Where can I access a leadership list of all Deans/Department Chairs, etc.?

Once you’ve logged into MBM, there is a button on the landing page titled “Run a Report.” Within Reports, there is a section called “Faculty Administration Reports.” From here you can click on “Leadership List Generator” and identify the College and level of leadership you wish to view and generate your list. After creating the list, you can export it to other applications for use.

9)      Need answers specific to CV entry?

MBM Q&A is a fast and easy way to get help from MBM and other campus experts. Find answers to questions on how to enter a specific activity within the CV System by clicking: Questions & Answers

10)      Need answers specific to the Faculty Activity Survey?

Find answers to questions on how to fill out your Faculty Activity Survey by accessing the MBM Q&A site. This is a convenient way to obtain help from MBM and other campus experts. Click on the following link for more information: Questions & Answers