What is the definition of "Global" for the global impact flags?

Questions & AnswersCategory: U-CV SystemWhat is the definition of "Global" for the global impact flags?
Krista Kendall Staff asked 4 years ago

What is the definition of “Global” for the global impact flags?

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Krista Kendall Staff answered 4 years ago

Funding: Funding from outside the US and funding to do work outside the US.

Grand Rounds: Conducting Ground Rounds, including tele-presentations, to an audience outside the US.

Presentations (i.e. Invited/Visiting Professor, Keynote/Plenary Lecture, Continuing Education, Meeting, Peer-Reviewed, Department/Division Conferences): Presentations and tele-presentations given about work performed outside the US.

Professional Organization Memberships: Membership in professional organizations outside the US.

Publications: Publications dealing with work performed outside the US

Research Experience: Research undertaken outside the US. Includes data collection in countries outside US for work done in US.

Research Collaborators: Collaborators who reside outside the US.

Research Interests: Designated overall research interests that have global aspect.

Research Locations: Add Global flag to enable the ability to pick multiple countries.

Scholastic Honors: Receipt of an award or honor from an organization outside the US or a receipt of an award or honor for global work.

Service, External (i.e. Professional Community Activities, Professional Organization & Scientific Activities, Service at Affiliated Institutions, Consulting, Outreach Presentations, Industrial Presentations): Service to the community, professional, organization positions, consulting, outreach, etc., performed outside the US.

Service, Internal (i.e. University Community Activities): Service at the University of Utah, performed outside the US (e.g. U Asia Campus).


Categories that automatically flag an entry as global whenever anything other than the United States is selected as the country:

Education: Education outside the US.

Professional Experience: Professional employment outside the US.

Licenses and Certifications: Licenses and certificates held from outside the US.