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Steven Rasmussen asked 5 years ago

where do i find my cv?

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Krista Kendall Staff answered 5 years ago

Please contact Marcie Larson (

Jeremy Staff answered 5 years ago

A faculty member’s CV is electronically available if that person has input their data into the health sciences MBM (Mission-Based Management) system. You can login to MBM ( and then click the Run My CV or Edit My CV button in the center portion of the page.
For campus faculty, there is not currently an electronic CV builder available. However, if you have uploaded your CV into your Faculty Profile or Annual Activity Report you can find a link to your CV after logging into the appropriate system through this link( After logging into the profile, the CV is attached through a link just underneath your displayed name at the top of the page. When viewing the Annual Activity Report there’s a link for your CV in the left menu near the top.