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Faculty Activity Survey 2017/2018

Dear Colleagues:

It is time to complete the faculty activity survey for the upcoming academic year, 2017-2018. I want to stress the importance of the survey. This information helps us understand the distribution of our faculty’s commitments across research, education, clinical service and academic/community service.

To ensure the accuracy of the information, I ask each faculty member to participate. I recognize that the survey is well in advance of the beginning of the new year, but the timing is such that the process will be completed prior to the budget cycle and the data will be available for use during the budgeting process.

Please project your own activity by the mission for the next year by completing the faculty activity survey within the MBM system. You can access the survey without formal login by clicking on the secure, embedded link at the very bottom of the e-mail message notifying you about the survey. (You can also login to the MBM Electronic CV System at and select the Faculty Activity Survey button.)

Within the survey you can reference definitions for each of the categories, so please review as you consider your own professional activities. We understand that these data will be an approximation and that your individual distribution of activity may change over the course of the upcoming year. We also realize that mission activities frequently overlap, but please make your best estimate. The instructions below provide more details for completing the survey.

Allow me to highlight one very important section of the survey.

The category for “Scholarly Activities” (B1), is for scholarly activities not supported by nor in pursuit of extramural funding. To clarify, the research categories (C1 and C2) reference that they are to reflect effort funded or in pursuit of extramural funding (federal agencies, foundations, industry, including royalties and licenses).

For College of Health, College of Pharmacy, School of Medicine and Community Physician Group faculty, a copy will be emailed to your chair/chief/director for real-time review prior to finalization. You will receive an email from your chair/chief/director once approved or if he or she has questions.

The data will be summarized by department and by mission for use by the Chairs, the College Deans and my office.

Please complete the survey by Friday, December 16, 2016.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and for your involvement in this important effort.


Vivian S. Lee, MD, PhD, MBA

Senior Vice President for Health Sciences