NEW and Improved

We have worked hard to incorporate faculty feedback into the enhancements and new functionalities we have developed to improve FAR. While we continue to progress, below is a list of what we have accomplished so far:

  • No Submit Button – Faculty are no longer required to click submit to turn in their FAR. Instead, the system will auto-submit your data for the reporting period on the deadline.
  • Publications Import Your Data – You can now import your activities from Academic Analytics and PubMed directly to your FAR instead of manually entering them. Academic Analytics includes journal articles, national honors and awards, and books. PubMed (focused on health sciences) includes journal articles and some conference proceedings.
  • Navigation – We’ve simplified the left navigation in the FAR to help you quickly find activity categories by adding a drop down to the sections.
  • Review/Print FAR – Click on this menu item to review the data that will be submitted on the deadline. You can also print a draft PDF of the report that is generated for your department chair.
  • Online and In-person Training – In addition to presenting these changes in department meetings, you can sign up for one of our training sessions online or contact our team at for in-person training. Sign up at
  • A flag that shows what goes onto Activity Report
  • FAR Reports
  • Honors and Awards