FAR Features missing & Testing information

FAR Features missing on UCV


As we are continually working to bring all the Features from FAR to UCV, please see below the current list of items that are not yet at UCV.

  • Import My data: options from MBM, PubMed, and Scopus
  • Business Relationship Reporting Section
  • Titles Section: FTE% box
  • Publications Section: URL box
  • Sponsored Research and Research Funding: “Nuggets” section
  • Summary and Future Plans
  • Directory Listing

Thank you for volunteering to help pilot the UCV system! Please access the pilot system site here.

Where we need your help:
Before you begin your testing, please click on the following link and review our “UCV main features” page. Here you will find answers to questions regarding category name changes and other areas of interest you will need to be aware of before testing. 

The University CV (UCV) replaces the FAR (Faculty Activity Report) database, all previously entered data in FAR was automatically migrated to this Testing environment. Please note that this is not an official live version of the UCV, and any changes that you make in the new UCV system during pilot testing will not transfer back to FAR and will not be brought forward when we go live. You can (and should!) enter false information into the system during your pilot testing without it impacting your real data.

We value your feedback and view it as an essential piece of making sure we’ve addressed previous issues and are making it as easy as possible to enter CV activities. We ask that you jot down any impressions and pain points you come across while navigating the system and trying to accomplish the following tasks:

  • What issues did you have, and were you able to navigate to find activity categories by using the top navigation menu and the search box?
  • Can you add a new service entry, and did you find the screens intuitive?
  • Can you download publications, and did you find the screens intuitive?
  • Can you view a CV and export it in the formats you need?
  • If applicable, can you quickly switch to a different faculty member to update their information?
  • When using the search menu to find where to enter a specific activity, was the definition or example text helpful for you to know where to input a particular activity?
  • Can you find where to add a new course lecture and enter one successfully?
  • Do you have a CV activity that you can’t determine where it should be entered?

If you encounter bugs that prevent you from doing your testing, please let us know as soon as possible. Otherwise, please compile your feedback and send it to Academic-It-Help@utah.edu.

Thank you


Please contact University Faculty Information & Support (UFIS) if you have any questions, via instant chat or by email at Academic-It-help@utah.edu