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Faculty Data Steering Committee

The Faculty Data Steering Committee (FDSC) is comprised of faculty and staff from across the University of Utah campus. FDSC establishes the priority of projects and tasks and approves the long-term roadmap for University Faculty Information & Support.


Sarah Projanski Associate Vice President for Faculty
Robert Fujinami Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, School of Medicine


Matt Haber Chair, Department of Philosophy, College of Humanities
Rachel Hayes Interim Dean, School of Business
Thomas Howa Director of Data Management & Analytics, UIT
Kristen Keefe Associate Dean of Faculty, College of Pharmacy
Josna Kotturappa Director, Human Resources
Melonie Murray Associate Dean for Faculty & Academic Affairs, College of Fine Arts
Randall Peterson Dean, College of Pharmacy
Ken Pink Deputy Chief Information Officer, UIT
Janet Shaw Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Health
Peter Trapa Dean, College of Science
Cornelia Ulrich Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center, HCI
Ruchi Watson Director, Goff Strategic Leadership Center
Mark Winter Associate Vice President, Budget and Finance
R. Michael Young Director, Entertainment Arts Engineering

Ex-Officio Members

Piikea Godfrey Director, Academic Affairs, School of Medicine
Cami Rives Director, Office for Faculty Admin
Cynthia Best Vice Dean for Finance & Administration, School of Medicine
Nate Dickson IT Director, UFIS
Charisse Sare Sr. Application Systems Analyst, UFIS
Rob Owen Project Manager, UFIS
Dallas Dean Software Engineering Manager, UFIS
Robby Miller Sr. Software QA Specialist, UFIS
TBD Data Scientist, UFIS